Becoming Unstoppable

It's time to rid yourself of self-doubt and the things that keep you stuck.


Becoming Unstoppable

A 30-day online course for women who want to rid themselves of overthinking, second-guessing, imposter syndrome, and people-pleasing to fully able to trust themselves.

Becoming Unstoppable is the only program of its kind that shows you exactly how to let go of the self defeating thoughts that hold you back so that you can be and have the kind of life you were meant to have.  

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Becoming Unstoppable is a right fit if you are:

  • Exhausted from going around in circles for hours trying to make a decision and then second-guessing yourself.
  • Always comparing yourself to others and thinking "I'm not as good as they are."
  • Ready to free yourself of the exhaustion, the wasted time in having to "get it right."
  • Always trying to be 'perfect'
  • Capable of so much more but you don't know where to start releasing this endless mind game. 
  • Ready to stop beating yourself up and overthinking everything
  • Feeling like an imposter...worried that someone will find out that you don’t really know what you’re talking about.
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By the end of this program you will:


Know what you want and be able to create what you truly want (instead of hoping that you’ll get what you want in life).


See yourself as powerful and good enough instead of choosing to stay in relationships that don’t nurture you or in work positions that are soul-destroying.


Believe in yourself so that you don’t fear making decisions (even though you may have spent a lifetime struggling making decisions)


Identify your inner critics and know how to silence them.

But above all elseโ€ฆ

Becoming Unstoppable will give you the confidence to finally step into your power and make the transformation from being stuck in doubt to giving yourself the freedom to have the kind of life you’ve always wanted.

"The value added to your ability to succeed in reaching your goals cannot be underestimated by taking this course. Jo is a remarkable facilitator for a self-guided course. Her sense of intuition around the videos and journaling prompts is spot on. Her listening and understanding of conversations and comments are just so accurate. "

Diane Mueller
Retired nurse practioner Green Woman & Environmental Advocate

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