Declutter Your Life Bootcamp

A one of a kind online experience to declutter your home, office, your life.  

In this time of uncertainty, join me and take back your power and get rid of the stuff that keeps you stuck

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A very unique program for decluttering your home and your life

No one wants to take the time to declutter and yet clutter causes us to feel overwhelmed and incompetent. That’s why this bootcamp works…

Join me for 4 hours to take the stress out of decluttering, and finally get rid of your unwanted stuff.

Watch this short video to learn more about the bootcamp


This bootcamp is for you if:

You have cupboards, drawers, shelves, or closets overflowing with stuff.

Finding things in your home often feels like a big time suck.

You have too much on your plate, you're overscheduled and you never seem to have enough time for anything you want to do. 

Your clutter frustrates you but dealing with it feels impossible. 

You don't know where to start


Imagine your home and your life free of unwanted clutter.

What will you do with all that extra time and space? Get ready for more of what you do want. 

After this Bootcamp you will:

Have an immediate sense of accomplishment

Be charged up with extra energy

Feel back in control of your life

Move past procrastination and into action 

Acquire the momentum to get rid of clutter from key places in your home in a truly easy and stress-free way.

“Taking Jo's decluttering challenge has changed my life. Getting rid of the physical clutter has helped me mentally, physically, and spiritually. It has opened space for newness in my life." 

Reggie Weber

Host of the Green women's podcast

Are you ready to begin your year clutter-free?

I hope you will join me for this bootcamp. I guarantee that you will....feel reenergized, lighter, more in charge of your life.  

Join me so that you can:

Organize and release the things that bog you down.

Get a greater sense of control over your home and your life

Enjoy more energy, way less stress, and overwhelm.

Make space in your life mentally and physically for things that you do want. 

Have more flow and ease in your everyday life.

Start saying goodbye to the scarcity mindset that holds you back.

What I would say about Jo:

"Your positivity, enthusiasm, and care for others comes through so strongly."

Anne McPhee
Retired Principal

Ready to get rid of your clutter?

Yes! It's time to make space for what I really want.

A note from Jo

I come from a family who loved to keep things. 

I learned to keep things because we might need these things SOMEDAY.

But I've learned clutter only keeps us stuck and keeps us from having our dreams. 

I can show you the way out of this insidious cycle. We start small and I make it easy. 

Come with me on a journey of letting go and clearing your life of so much "stuff."