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Women's Self-Care Online Retreat Saturday October 24th

Hard times and stress call for deep grounding and nourishing our bodies and spirit. Join me on this fall retreat designed to help you use ultra self-care to restore the balance of your body, mind, and spirit.

With gentle morning yoga, a super fun cooking class with Chef Bai, journaling prompts, a calming yoga nidra and sound bath session, time for YOU and group calls to connect with other women, all online.

Plus I'll share with you my healthy recipes to try at home.

Your Ultimate Retreat Schedule

Saturday Morning

We kick-off with a group Zoom call to introduce each other and connect with other women. Then it's a relaxing and restorative morning yoga with Ellison's 60 minute practice.

(On Friday you'll get an email with the link and things you need to prepare for the day.)

Saturday Lunchtime

We'll be joining Chef Bai for her virtual cooking class! We'll learn how to make a delicious and super healthy meal, and have lots of fun doing it!

(On Friday you'll get the list of things to buy so you have everything you need for the class.)

Saturday Afternoon & Evening

You'll have time to do what YOU want to do, with some ideas that I'll give you for self-care plus time for reflection in your journal.

In the evening we'll have a closing Zoom call to reconnect as a group, followed by a calming 30 minute yoga nidra session and sound bath with Ellison Wofford.

Saturday Morning: Well-Rounded Yoga with Ellison

“Our goal in life is not to become perfect. Our goal in life is to become whole.”

- Ellison Wofford


During this awakening 60-minute session, you will be guided through an intention-setting meditation, some harmonizing breathwork and an accessible yoga flow that is followed by a luxurious savasana. There is no prior knowledge or experience required… and there never is with yoga, anyway! The spirit of this practice will remind you that yoga is deeply personal, accessible, and a practice of your own design.


These 60 minutes will allow you to experience a few of the many practices that yoga is and can be. In its numerous forms, yoga always has the same benefits and intentions: to calm, quiet, and strengthen your body so you can calm, quiet, and strengthen your mind. Our hope is that seeing how simple some of these practices are will allow you to incorporate them into your daily routine or use them to amplify your current practice.


We will leave a few minutes at the end for a short Q&A as well. 

"I love the weekend concept. It was highlighted with journaling with great prompts, a variety of personal development activities we could. Also, the variety of self-care techniques, yoga or some sort of exercise to start off our day, good nutrition (love the cooking class with all of us on Zoom at the same time cooking!"


"This retreat is a wonderful way to take time to connect with yourself from your own home. Something that is a little counterintuitive but is so important now that we’re all living in a global pandemic."


"We don't often allow ourselves to take care of ourselves. Having the support of awesome women to do so was very healing."


"This retreat was a perfect balance. We met as a group a couple of times but spent most of the time working with ourselves. I learned a lot from the other women. I really enjoyed hearing the experiences of the other women. I would recommend this retreat to everyone. It was powerful to spend a weekend for myself and listen to what I needed. "


Saturday Lunchtime With Chef Bai

"I am on a mission to make clean eating a reality for all Americans and to make sure we all have fun doing it."

- Chef Bai

Chef Bai's virtual cooking classes are fun and you'll learn how to turn fresh and healthy plant-based ingredients into a delicious meal you can create anytime! 

Chef Bai believes in building your confidence in everyday food choices. Her approach to cooking and consumption is regional, seasonal and accessible. Find out more here.


Saturday Evening: Yoga Nidra with Ellison

"This will be a relaxing end to the day that will give you the opportunity to make real in the present moment that which you want to carry with you from this retreat."

- Ellison Wofford

Lying down comfortably with a pillow, blanket, bolster under your knees, and an optional eye covering, you will be guided through the practice of Yoga Nidra (Sleep Yoga) accompanied by the harmonic, resonant tones of crystal bowls and Koshi chimes.

Yoga Nidra is a systematic practice designed to release mental, physical, and emotional tension. You will be led through breath awareness, a full-body scan, various sensations, and visualizations as you rest in a state between sleep and wakefulness called the “hypnagogic state.” In this state, the mind is calm and more receptive to insights from your deep intuition.

While “Nidra” means sleep, it is actually a process of awakening to your true nature. As such, a central facet of Yoga Nidra is the setting of a “sankalpa” at the beginning of your practice. This is your heartfelt intention and it arises naturally from a place of deep listening. 

Ellison Wofford is a RYT® 500HR, YACEP certified yoga teacher and the founder of Recital 8. Learn more about Ellison.

Get a recipe for my detox drink and a healthy and yummy meal for you to try at home.

Connect with other women on the retreat through group calls.

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