Hi, I'm Jo Hatcher

I'm a woman of many strands: 

Journal writer. With stickers and images from magazines. I fill bookshelves with journals. I write to figure out who I am at any given moment. I write to make sense of the world.

Master Certified Retreat Coach. Gatherer of women. I lead online and in person retreats: self-care, creating your best life, couples, clutter, solstice, visionboard, mother-daughter, sister and  custom personal retreats. Writer. Wrote a book in a weekend.

Yogini. Woman who is mad about yoga… any kind.  

Raw Food Goddess. Lover of all things healthy to eat. The Green Smoothie Queen. 

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. Twenty-five years experience working with couples, families, children and women.

World Traveler. Lover of all places exotic and mysterious, tropical, and otherwise. I have lived and worked in other countries… Japan, Vanuatu, Germany, the UK. I am a woman who has lived in a hotel room for four months straight. I made green smoothies in my hotel bathroom and washed lettuce in the shower. Yikes. 

Adventurer. Wandered around in the temples of Cambodia, ridden a carabao in Guam, been so, so lost in Okinawa, taken Taiko drumming lessons in Japan, been on a yoga retreat in Bali, ventured on a solo trip to Prague, found myself going the wrong way on a roundabout in the UK (scary), scuba dived and snorkeled in the clearest azure waters of the Pacific, and moved from being in love with seashells to being smitten with sea glass.

Wannabe Dancer. Bellydancing, Hula, Tahitian, Zumba, Flamenco are my favorites. I dabble in them. And I dance by myself at home.

Seeker. Learner. Workshop junkie. A woman who has a hard time resisting online learning courses & workshops.

Wife. of a brilliant photographer and masterful psychotherapist.

Mother. of two former Marines. We survived three deployments to Afghanistan. 

Grandmother. (AKA Gran) of five darlings all under the age of four. Two year old Kate calls me "Gwan."

Group leader. Women’s empowerment groups are my thing. I co-led seven retreats for caregivers of severely wounded veterans around the country. When working on Marine Corps bases in Okinawa, I led groups for women Marines for two years. It was life changing for them and me. 

Headstand fanatic. I stand on my head wherever I go in the world. On beaches, in the snow (once with skiis on) and once with a bathing suit on, on rooftops, in front of temples, on Mt. Fuji (see pic below) with my sons, friends, grandchildren... anyone I can talk into it.  Quirky I know... but hecka fun.

I’m a woman who is in awe of the FEMININE DIVINE and seeks to cherish and support women to step into their own unique, feminine power. 

I’m Jo Hatcher. I am a woman who:

  • knows that it’s time for women to step into their power
  • lives full out
  • feels you can have what you want
  • totally understands overwhelm and
  • dedicated to empowering women.

Can you relate? If so, contact me and I’ll take you on a life-changing retreat.


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