Foster A Balanced Life with this 7 Day Self-Care Challenge

Embark on a self care journey of stress relief and mental wellbeing. 

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This program is like having a personal coach for your self-care routine for a whole week! You’ll be provided with guided daily self care challenges and journal prompts designed to increase self-awareness, improve mental health and mental focus and ultimately help you prioritize YOU.

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Self-Care is a necessity,

not a luxury or an indulgence.

What is the 7 Day Self Care Challenge?

This seven day challenge is so much more than just a list of activities; it's a week-long personal growth journey that begins with recognizing undernourished aspects of your life and culminates in empowering you with the confidence to embrace meeting your self-care needs as a lifelong practice.

Over the course of seven days, you'll explore:

 Day 1: The Self-Care Revelation - Begin with redefining what self-care means to you.

Day 2: Rituals and Routines - Small steps for integrating self-care into your daily life.

Day 3: New Horizons - A hint of novelty to rejuvenate your self-care practice.

Day 4: Stress-Proofing - Tips for creating a fallback plan for life's unpredictable moments.

Day 5: Self-Care Without Cost - Discover how self-care doesn't have to be expensive to be effective.

Day 6: Letting Go of Guilt - Learn to embrace self-care without reservations.

Day 7: The Path Ahead - Prepare for a future where self-care remains a cherished part of your life.

You’ll be guided by Jo Hatcher, a seasoned Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) with over 30 years of experience empowering women to prioritize their wellbeing. She has witnessed firsthand how small shifts in self-care can usher in breakthroughs to healthier habits. 

Jo's deep understanding of the essential areas often neglected in women's self-care routines forms the backbone of this carefully designed 7 Day Self-Care Challenge. 

With her guidance, you’ll uncover the subtle yet significant ways stress may be impeding your joy and learn to cultivate practices that lead to a rejuvenated, balanced self.

What Are the Benefits of a Seven Day Challenge?

Starting with just one week can lay a powerful foundation for new habits. Here’s why this 7 Day Self-Care Challenge is the perfect first step towards lasting change:

Quick Habit Formation: Jump-start lasting habits.

Manageable Duration: Ideal for busy schedules.

Track Progress Daily: See your growth each day.

Diverse Activities: Care for all aspects of health.

Near Instant Results: Feel better in just one week.

Inspires Long-term Change: Begin a lifelong journey.

Ready for the transformation you’ve been waiting for?

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Self-care doesn't have to be hard.

Taking care of YOU is always the first thing that goes when you’re busy.

You may be putting everyone else first but there's a high cost to that. You know that there IS such a thing as working too hard, but you don’t know how to stop the cycle.  

Take a deep breath because I’ve got some good news for you…

The secret is simple self-care activities that are effortless and enjoyable. It's time to shift your mindset so that self care is the highlight of your day no matter how busy you are.

Commit to this easy (and fun!) self-guided self love challenge and allow it all to click into place for you.

What you'll get from this challenge:

Ways to make self-care a consistent part of your life

How not to put yourself on the back burner when life gets crazy

How to have a plan when you’re stressed and unbalanced

If you commit to taking time for this challenge, even just a few minutes each day, this challenge has the potential to change your life. 

All you need to do is show up and decide that you’re ready to put yourself first!

Transform your self-care from...I know I "should" take time for myself into "nothing comes before my own self care."   

You can give yourself permission to have real, guilt-free "me" time no matter how busy you are or what life throws your way.

Show up as your best self.

 Give yourself the gift of self-care every day.

Self-care helps reduce stress, helps you feel calm & grounded, especially now in our challenging world. It helps you feel re-energized and aligned with the healthiest, happiest version of you, ready to handle anything that comes your way.

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A note from Jo

In my experience as a life coach and therapist for nearly 3 decades, I’ve found that we all know how valuable self-care is. At every retreat I’ve led, I hear women confess..."I know how important self care is but for some reason I forgot to take care of myself."

Life happens and the first thing to go is our self-care. 

I designed this challenge to help you remember how important you are and that taking care of YOU is your highest priority. 

You’ll come away from this challenge with renewed energy and fire. You’ll learn new ways to incorporate self-care as a daily ritual. 

The people around you deserve to have you at your very best. 

Because there’s only one of you!