Hi, I'm Jo

Retreat leader, life coach, therapist, photographer, traveler, and dedicated to helping you experience your very best life.


I take time to reflect

I believe we must find out who we are and know ourselves on a deep level. This is the 1st step to being able to get what you want in life. 

Headstands are my thing

I stand on my head in places that inspire me. I believe life is meant to be fun, not all work. I think pleasure keeps us feeling alive and happy.  

Grandmother of 5

One of my greatest joys is being a Gran to these 5 little darlings. I believe in being grateful for what we have. 


I’m a deep-rooted Southerner…born and raised in a small town in Georgia. I’ve wandered the world, living in many countries.  

At 8 years old, I knew deep in my bones there was more to the world than the small town I grew up in. I didn’t know what the world had to offer but I made a promise to myself to find out.

I left Georgia after college graduation, to travel as much as I could. I waited tables in fancy restaurants and worked my way to Alaska, sleeping in my car. 


I married, had 2 precious little boys and we moved to a small island in the South Pacific. After 5 years, the marriage fell apart and I returned as a single mom, brokenhearted and scared of how I would support myself and my children.

After the long journey of becoming a psychotherapist, I spent years working with severely emotionally disturbed children and their families. I started my private practice at the same time as working in a psych hospital and mental health clinics. I remarried. I became an insanely busy woman, with no time for myself.

As a mom negotiating empty nest when my boys left for college, I felt lost. I had spent years over giving and over committing to things I couldn't say no to.

With the help of a very skilled life coach, I learned how to take time for myself and really get clear on my purpose. I learned how to give myself permission to do what I wanted. I became a coach myself.

I vowed that I would help other women avoid falling into the same traps. I discovered the magic of leading retreats and empowering women to take time for themselves. I became a retreat coach and found my passion.

I know that we are meant to lead lives that are fulfilling and joyful so that we can show up in the world with our unique talents and personalities, and more importantly, with our true selves.



For as long as I can remember, I’ve been wildly curious about knowing how the world works, how people think and how I could contribute. 

I’m privileged to have sat across from thousands of individuals, couples, and children deeply listening and holding sacred space for them for 26 years as a therapist and coach. 

I've been passionate about so many things...

Travel, fitness, eating healthy, psychology, dancing, yoga, writing, music, and thought I was so scattered.

Now I see that my diverse interests and skills are an asset and it's made me a better coach and therapist to be able to help you see your unique strengths. 


I believe we must make time to truly know ourselves.

  • This means showing up with all your unique abilities so that you can experience the world with joy and vibrance. You deserve this. And the world needs you to show up as you.
  • No matter what obstacles might show up, I believe that you have the power to overcome anything that gets in your way and that you DESERVE to have the kind of life you want.
  • Finding the balance and being able to put yourself first does involve determination and hard work but I’m here to guide and cheer you on.
  • Through free content here, my paid online retreats, my writings, I’m here to inspire you and lead you to your dreams.


I believe compassion is necessary to understand others so that we can solve problems together 


I believe life is supposed to be fun and not all work. Balance is key for you to create what you desire. 


I believe that good health is one of our greatest assets. Fitness, movement, nutrition are the keys to living our best lives. 

My commitment to you is to help you know that you can have, be, and do what you want.

I invite you to be a part of my community. The best way is to sign up for my weekly updates here and to meet me on social media on Facebook and Instagram.

I don’t have all the answers but I'm living my best life and I’m not stopping now.

I’m almost 70 years old and I intend to keep standing on my head around the world and living wild and free as I can.

Thanks for being here. I’m thrilled we’re connected and on this journey together.


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