I believe that saying no is one of the best ways to take care of yourself.

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Hi, I'm Jo

Retreat leader, coach, therapist, photographer, traveler.

I help women slow down so that they can listen to their hearts and have the freedom to live their lives as they would like.

If you’re struggling with knowing balance is important and that self-care is essential to your wellbeing but it’s hard to fit everything in, then you’ve come to the right place.

I believe in living life to the fullest and I’m dedicated to helping women like you find balance amidst all the stress that seeps into our everyday lives. 

Come be a be part of our community for inspiration to stay on track, have fun, give yourself permission to do and have what YOU want, get notices of upcoming retreats, tips, guides, and inspiration...lots of it. 



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I  believe that life doesn’t have to be stressful and we don't have to walk around feeling exhausted and worn out. 

It IS possible to live feeling vibrant and full of possibilities. 

We all deserve to live the life we want even when we think we can't or don't know how. That's why I create retreats and programs so that you CAN live your best life. 

Life can be so much more, more of what you want.

What if you could have more time for yourself? What if you could be traveling more, what if your physical health was vibrant and healthy, or you had more balance with work and your life?

What if you had more magic in your life? 

What if you were actually doing all the things that you know are crucial to your well being...morning rituals, self care, yoga, being in nature, journaling...and you were putting this first everyday? Instead of beating yourself up for not doing it?

I can help you with all of this. 

I know all this is possible... 

Because I've done this and if I can do it, you can, too. 


What people are saying:

"Ageless Wisdom and Passion online retreat helped me slow down and gain perspective on my life. I was able to unpack some things that were holding me back. It was so wonderful building community with an open, supportive group of women. Jo is a welcoming, friendly face ready to meet you where you're at without judgement or expectation. I feel so thankful to have had such a restorative experience!"

Frannie Lessman
Student Affairs Officer/Graduate Student
Portland, Oregon


I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived, I’d never been to a “self-care” retreat and was a bit nervous about what would be expected of me. I’m so used to taking care of everything and everyone else, I wasn’t sure I could let go and breathe. Shortly after meeting Jo, I knew that it was safe to release and allow space to grow, which is exactly what happened! 
My experiences over the next three days with Jo and the group were profound. My perception of myself and the world around me started to transform, empowering me to be my full-self. I now find myself applying the tools learned in both my professional and personal life, which has improved interpersonal relationships and my ability to work through challenging situations.

With gratitude- Emily Emmons
Ho’ola Farms 501(c)(3) Co-founder & Executive Director
Hilo, Hawaii

Ageless Wisdom and Passion was exactly what I needed when I quit my high stress job. After asking the question of, "Who am I?" for so long, Jo, and the retreat gave me the tools and community to start to answer that question again. From the videos and activities to the amazing calls with a diverse group of women, and in a pressure free zone, after 4 weeks I ended the retreat in Hawaii (life long goal!) so confident in the direction of my life more than ever.

Alex Lopez
Education Professional
Davis, California

I attended a weekend yoga retreat, where Jo led the retreat component,  Jo is a force; exuberant and nourishing. At that time, I was struggling with uncertainty in my profession and romantic relationship. The retreat helped me fortify my personal strength and weather what was coming my way with competency and confidence. 

Jo urged us to challenge ourselves; connect, seek strength and support from the surrounding women, and actively reflect throughout the experience. This formal reflection helped me to identify further changes I could make in my life.  She was a driving force in me creating a routine for reflection. After the retreat, I began regularly journaling again.  I hope there are many retreats with Jo in my future.  

Elana Schips