Open the door to the life you really want 

Ready to start really living your best life? Then you're in the right place.

Open the door to the life you really want 

Ready to start really living your best life? Then you're in the right place.


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Give yourself the permission and self-confidence to follow your dreams right now. 


Coaching is a powerful way to get really clear about your purpose, your strengths, and the kind of life you long for.


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Does this sound like you?

Stuck in a job you hate or a relationship you know isn't right for you. 

Feeling like you've lost your way because your life isn't what you always thought you it would be.

You've lost your spark and feel hopeless to change the parts of your life that aren't working. 

You don't dress up anymore, and rarely treat yourself to anything.

Buried in guilt or shame about what you really want. And you don't say anything about what you want. 

Saying no to things or to people is really difficult for you.

You know you can do better than what you've settled for in your life. 

Trapped and feeling stuck because you're unable to move towards what you truly desire.

Don't let yourself be stuck anymore. 

You can change your life

Work with me to...

Build your confidence. You can do things that seem scary and impossible right now. 

Identify your strengths and natural talents.

Learn how to embrace those strengths and the things buried underneath self-doubt.

Tame your inner critic who keeps you stuck in life and not doing what you really want. 

Gain the self-belief that you can have whatever you desire. You can achieve your goals.

Explore who you are and what you really want rather than settling for what isn't right in your life. 

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In coaching we explore 4 areas together


Clarity about what you really want 

Saying goodbye to obstacles & your inner critic

Moving you into action & having a plan 


How is coaching different from therapy?


Therapists help people heal and we focus on mental health and emotional healing, exploring traumas and any early childhood wounding. Often people come to me with depression and anxiety and are seeking ways to deal with their mental health. 

As a life coach, I'm more focused on helping you reach your goals. And helping you believe in yourself. I work with your unique abilities and skills to set up a plan for you to transform your life into one of fulfillment.  

Message from Jo


I've been a licensed marriage and family therapist for 30 years and a life coach for 17 years. 

I've traveled the world, living and working in different places because that's always been my dream. The way that I realized these dreams was from my own personal work with a life coach. 

I love helping women step into their power because the world needs us now more than ever. And when you're living the life you've always wanted, you make the world a better place. 

I can help you realize your dreams.  There's only one of you in the whole world. We need you to be that version of yourself and show up as your authentic self.

Don't wait another minute. Work with me. Together we'll discover who you really are and how you'll get what you really want out of life.