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Hi, I'm Jo

Retreat Leader, Life Coach, Therapist, Photographer, Traveler

I have 27 years experience as a Life Coach and Therapist. I help women slow down so that they can listen to their hearts and live their best lives.
If you’re struggling with being busy and stressed and you know that while self-care and balance are essential to your wellbeing, you're finding it hard to fit it all in, then you’ve come to the right place!
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"Jo is a force, exuberant and nourishing. I was struggling with uncertainty in my professional and romantic relationship. The retreat helped fortify my personal strength and weather what was coming my way with competency and confidence. 

Jo urged us to challenge ourselves; to connect, seek strength and support from the surrounding women, and actively reflect throughout the experience. This formal reflection helped me to identify further changes I could make in my life. Jo was a driving force in me creating a routine for reflection. After the retreat, I began regularly journaling again. I hope there are many retreats with Jo in my future.

Elana Schips - Professor, Utah

8 Reasons Why You Need to Journal Right Now

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5 Ways To Make Your Journal Your Best Friend

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Free Meditation To Ground You and Restore Calm

This exercise will help ground you to the earth and focus your energy back inwards. Add this to your morning ritual or listen anytime in the day when you need to find calm.

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