Your Best Year Yet

The ultimate online retreat to letting go and creating what you want


Join me to make the year ahead your best year yet.

This retreat is for you if:

You're so busy rushing around trying to fit everything in, you don't have time to think about planning the next year of your life.

You've never taken time to review the year before this one and don't know how potent it is to do this.

Your life is chaotic, and you don't really believe you can have what you really want.

You get to the end of each year, and your goals at the beginning of the year are nothing but a distant memory after a few months, so you say, "Why bother?"

Watch this short video to learn how this online retreat works.








What will you do to live your best life? 

Make sure it's what you want




Can you imagine?

Feeling amazed & proud at what you actually accomplished

Letting go of the hard things, the disappointment, the loss in 2023.

Knowing how to move forward without regret or leftover grief from 2023.

Absolute clarity for what you really want to happen in 2024.

Having the keys for creating and planning 2024 so that you can actually make your goals happen.

Being inspired & supported for making your highest dreams come true.


"Jo Hatcher’s best year yet will open insights and inspiration to guide your year.

Jo is an expert at asking the right questions and unlocking the dream within you that will make a difference and how you move into 2022.

I took the class in 2019 and the format, the group of women, the exercises, the questions we journaled on gave me so much value in crafting both my business and personal life going forward.

Take this retreat if you want to do something really nurturing for yourself."

                         Helene Van Manen                           



Make 2024 a year that will knock your socks off!

I hope you will join me for this one of a kind retreat that I guarantee will leave you not only ready to start your year but totally amazed.

Only $147

Join me so that you:

Walk away amazed & proud of what you actually accomplished in 2023
Say goodbye to any losses or disappointments you may have gone through so that you can be free to begin the new year with ease and excitement 
Get permission to follow your dreams
Learn the secrets of making it your best year
Design a clear plan for having the best year yet in 2024
Get priceless step by step guidance from Jo

"I attended Jo Hatcher’s Best of Life for 2018 online retreat and loved it! It was fun and insightful to have this experience with other women on the retreat. I can’t imagine a sweeter way to create my 2018 map to joy.  Jo made it fun & enlightening, something I hope to do annually. Thanks Jo!"

Leila August, retired social worker



This retreat is great for couples, too.  

"The retreat was extremely helpful.  I often find that time gets away from me, but I learned at the retreat how to better plan for what I want in the upcoming year so how I allocate my time matches my goals. 

Jo's pacing was perfect and her prompts helped me clarify my desired accomplishments.  Especially helpful was the idea of setting an intention every day.

Since the retreat, I have been setting a daily intention and have found it powerful in keeping me focused on what I want to happen that day." Thank you again, Jo!

Melanie Bowden, Private Math Tutor

Mark Wogulis, Research scientist



A note from Jo

Imagine starting 2024, confident and thrilled to begin the next step of your life...without regrets or disappointments from 2023. 

Can you imagine being crystal clear on what you want and then having a plan to make those dreams of yours actually happen? 

We'll be letting go, celebrating, and planning your best year.  It's a half-day that has the potential to be a game-changer for your life.  

I designed & have led this retreat for many years, plus I wouldn't dream of not doing this process for myself, which I've done for the past 20 years. 

As a psychotherapist, life coach, & retreat leader for over 30 years, I've learned what works and what doesn't in helping my clients getting the kind of life they want. 

*This will be the only time I will offer this retreat this year, so don't miss out.*  

Jo's Best Year 2018 Online Retreat absolutely was beneficial

I was lucky enough to “meet” and learn from some great people! I powerfully let go of 2017’s “tough stuff”, and I was able to find some personal growth with these as well! 

I created a clear theme for 2018 in a very fun, personalized way that led to specific goals for various life areas! 

I was also reminded of the importance of ritual and how this can help with my own goals and plans. 

I fully recommend this retreat!

Angie Martin, elementary ESOL teacher


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