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Special Online Retreat For Women

Ageless Wisdom and Passion Online Retreat Starts 18 May 2020


In these challenging times women are under more pressure than ever. 

This four-week online retreat gives you the tools to manage stress, build resilience, find balance and joy through morning rituals, mindfulness exercises, coping strategies and more. 

You will connect with other women and receive my coaching along the way. And I have special prices to help you deal with the effects of COVID-19.


Scroll down to find out more.

What's an online retreat?


Like a normal retreat, an online retreat is a time for you to take a step inward with the help of a coach, regular exercises and practices, and a support group.


It's done online in your home and at your pace - great if you're at home and it also means you don't have to give up your other commitments.


Each week you'll get mindfulness exercises, resources, videos and more. I'll coach you along the way and you'll be connected to others taking the retreat. 


It's easy to sign up! There are three packages to choose from with different options to suit your needs. 


Scroll down for what we cover over the four weeks, my three package options and FAQs. 

Week 1

The real you - what you want and how to get it

In the first week we have a group welcome call via Zoom to get you set up and clear on your journey ahead. After this week, you will notice a shift in energy levels because you will be writing and talking about your dreams, and you will be clear on your goals.

What we cover:

  • Learning the right way to journal so you feel upbeat during the harder parts of your day.
  • Writing about your perfect day.
  • Learning to give yourself permission even when it seems impossible. 
  • Connecting with other like-minded women, on the same journey.

Week 2

Removing your obstacles

Once we have clarity on what we really want or what we need to change in our lives, our inner critics appear. This week we deep-dive into recognising and dealing with your powerful negative thoughts. 

What we cover:

  • Understanding and managing your inner critics.
  • How to say no and not feel guilty. 
  • How to give yourself permission to have what you want.
  • How to trust yourself.

"I really didn’t know if this online retreat would be a valuable way for me to spend my time. It was hard for me to juggle my schedule, but I am so glad I did. I started implementing Jo’s ideas right away and I am feeling so excited about what is to come. Thank you so much Jo, you are truly a blessing in my life. "

René Oswald
RN, APHBest Beginnings, Inc.Living Food Classes and Consultations

"I find myself stronger, and I owe my gratitude to Jo for her openness, her genuine ways, positive attitude and her visions that she shared with us. Thank you, Jo!"

Joy Nadeau
Executive Director Sherburne County Area United Way

"I was able to get out of my busyness and tap into what my heart was really longing for. I dropped my 'should's' and learned how to play. Thank you for the life changing retreat Jo!"

Elizabeth Still M.S.
ACC Professional Life, Career and Relationship Coach

"Ageless Wisdom and Passion online retreat helped me slow down and gain perspective on my life. I was able to unpack some things that were holding me back. It was so wonderful building community with an open, supportive group of women."

Frannie Lessman
Student Affairs Officer and Graduate Student

"Ageless Wisdom and Passion was exactly what I needed... After asking the question of, "Who am I?" for so long, Jo and the retreat gave me the tools and community to start to answer that question again. From the videos and activities to the amazing calls with a diverse group of women, and in a pressure free zone, after 4 weeks I ended the retreat in Hawaii (life long goal!) so confident in the direction of my life more than ever."

Alex Lopez
Education Professional

"I am thankful to have taken part in Ageless Wisdom and Passion retreat! I've always been connected to my intuition, but I'd lost some of that connection and was delighted to find it getting stronger again as the retreat unfolded. That recognition alone was worth it, but I also remembered how much I appreciate being in the company of other women, building community and sharing the wisdom of life experience. Inspiring! "

Rachel Thompson
Teacher and Writer

Week 3

Play - why you can’t afford to live without it

By the end of this week, some women feel themselves getting 'unstuck': their energy levels are up even more, they are laughing more, their libidos shift. They are giving themselves permission to savor life.

What we cover: 

  • How biochemical factors change our bodies when we play.
  • More ways to give yourself permission to incorporate pleasure into your life.
  • Finding time in your day for fun.

  • Creating a plan for making play a priority and integrating it into your daily life.

Week 4

Making you the most important part of your day

Many women fall back into old habits, giving too much to others and putting themselves last. In the final week we create a plan for you to prioritize your wellbeing and you have accountability with a support team cheering you on.

What we cover: 

  • A plan for prioritizing yourself.
  • How to prevent burnout. 
  • A morning ritual to begin your day with intention and calm.
  • Gratitude: how this shifts the way you see your life and opens up possibilities.

Choose 1 of 3 packages to start your retreat with a special Covid-19 offer

Emerald - $50 off

Now $147

Normally $197

Get the inspiration to move forward! 

Weekly retreat videos


Journaling prompts

Mindfulness exercises 

Activities to inspire you

Access to private Facebook group

2x Q&A calls 

Sign up now

Ruby - $100 off

Now $297


Everything you need to start making changes in your life.  

Weekly retreat videos


Journaling prompts

Mindfulness exercises


Activities to inspire you

Access to private Facebook group

2x Q&A calls

2x small group coaching calls

1x virtual self-care day (valued at $445)



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Diamond - $150 off

Now $447


Complete support to make changes and stick to them! 

Weekly retreat videos


Journaling prompts

Mindfulness exercises

Activities to inspire you

Access to private Facebook group

2 Q&A Calls

2x small group coaching calls

1x virtual self-care day (valued at $445)

1x virtual vision board session with Jo (valued at $300)

1x private one hour session with Jo (valued at $150)



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How much time will I need?

1-2 hours per week is best and you can spend more time if you prefer. The more you are willing to explore your old habits and your new vision, the better.

Is it easy to access the material?

Absolutely! When you register you'll have access through any device, and it's really easy to follow. I'm also available every step of the way if you need help! 

Do I have a coach like on other retreats?

Yes – you have me guiding you along the way and you will have group and individual coaching sessions with me (via Zoom) depending on the package you choose. More about me and my skills and experience here.

What is the virtual self-care day and vision board session? 

The virtual self-care day is time that you devote to yourself to be on retreat with my guidance on how to deepen your self-care. The vision board session is also time with me to create a collage that represents your purpose, dreams and how to make them happen.

What if I can’t make the Q&A call or virtual self-care day?  

If you can’t make it, you can submit a question in advance and all calls are recorded for you to access later.

I’m shy. Do I have to participate with the other women?

An accountability partner is optional. 

I have more questions...

Great! Email me at j[email protected] or call 530-750-9152.

Or check out my blog for answers to more FAQs and common myths.

100% Guarantee

I'm committed to giving retreats that can change lives.

If for any reason you are not thrilled with the content and the potential impact it will have on your life, I will refund your investment 100% in the first 10 days.

No hoops. Just email me at [email protected] 

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