What's an online retreat? Top 5 questions answered and 3 myths debunked

Taking time for yourself with my online retreat could lead to the greatest transformation you'll ever have

During this unprecedented time, you will be under more pressure. 

You might be stuck at home with the Covid-19 restrictions, and having to deal with being around your family 24/7.

You might be trying to juggle work and family.

You might be a caregiver, responsible for your children or your parents.

You might be facing uncertainties in your career or future. 

You might be alone struggling to find ways to deal with loneliness and how to connect with others.

Either way, you're dealing with more pressure which is creating more stress and anxiety.

This makes it even harder to solve problems, be patient with your loved ones, and concentrate at work. It makes it harder for you to stop and listen to what it is you need and want right now.

This is where I can help.

My online retreat for women is designed to give you the structure, tools, and strategies to cope with stress, be more resilient, build healthy relationships, solve problems effectively – all without leaving your home.

You'll feel more energized and inspired.

You'll create a plan to manage your new normal.

You'll connect with like-minded women who are also doing the retreat. 

And believe it or not, you'll find purpose and joy in the midst of this once-in-a-lifetime event.

First, I’ll answer the top 5 questions about my online retreat

1. "What is an online retreat?”

Like a normal retreat, an online retreat is a time for you to take a step inward, with the help of a coach and a supportive community.

You pause to reflect and get to know yourself on a deeper level.

A retreat is a time when you can make a new plan for yourself so that you can have the life you want and need.

The key difference to a normal retreat is that it's online: you do it in your home and at your own pace. A lot of women love the freedom that this gives them as they don't have to give up their work or other commitments.

It's also ideal if you find yourself at home right now because of Covid-19 restrictions.


2. “What do I do each week?”

Each week you have structured exercises focused on a specific weekly theme. You explore your needs, wants, and barriers through morning rituals, journaling prompts, mindfulness practices, videos, resources, coaching sessions, and more.

3. “Do I have a coach like on other retreats?”

Yes – you have me guiding you along the way and you will have group and individual coaching sessions with me (via Zoom) depending on the package you choose.

4. “What about connecting with other women?”

When doing a retreat it’s important to have the support of others who are going through the retreat with you. My online retreat connects you with other women on retreat, with a private Facebook group.

This community of women means you get the support and accountability you need. Many women stay connected well after the retreat has finished.

5. "So what will I get out of it exactly?”

Here are just some of the valuable things you'll discover, learn and put into practice so you can start to make those important changes to your life, right now:

  • Your purpose or dream and making it a reality
  • Setting boundaries and how to say no
  • Balancing your needs with others’
  • Coping with stress at work and home
  • Letting go of fear
  • Building healthy relationships
  • Putting yourself first
  • Creating a morning ritual you can stick to
  • Building resilience and strength

The three biggest myths about taking a retreat – debunked

 Myth #1: “An online retreat is a luxury right now.”

Is it a luxury or a necessity for you to be healthy? Staying physically and mentally well is key in dealing with daily problem-solving and stress.

Maintaining a strong immune system and positive outlook is especially important right now, during these uncertain and changing times.

You simply can’t afford not to take care of yourself right now.

If you're worried about cost, my online retreat is not only cheaper than a standard retreat but I’ve also reduced my prices even further, to help during Covid-19.

Plus, I have a 100% money back guarantee in the first two weeks of the retreat.

Myth #2: “I just don’t have the time.”

This goes hand in hand with Myth #1. We give time to what we think or feel is important.

What is more important right now than your health and wellbeing?

When we take the time for ourselves, we actually end up feeling more energized, more creative, and more patient with, and kind to, those around us.

That’s why taking the time to put yourself first isn’t an option, it’s a necessity for all those around you.

My online retreat only requires about 1 to 2 hours per week and you can spend more time if you prefer.

The more you are willing to explore your old habits and your new vision, the better.

Myth #3: “I don’t think I’d get anything out of it.”

We know that it’s hard to convince ourselves that we will learn something new, especially when we’ve tried many times to change things we don’t like in our lives.

The women who have taken this retreat are unanimous in the fact that they have all either learned valuable learns or have been transformed by it.

Here are some of the things they've said about their experience:

"I really didn't know if this online retreat would be a valuable way for me to spend my time. I am so glad I did. I started implementing Jo's ideas right away and I am feeling so excited about what is to come."

René Oswald - Registered Nurse 

“I now find myself applying the tools learned in both my professional and personal life, which has improved interpersonal relationships and my ability to work through challenging situations.”

Emily Emmons - Co-founder and Executive Director Ho’ola Farms

“The retreat was exactly what I needed when I quit my high stress job. From the videos and activities to the amazing calls with a diverse group of women... After 4 weeks I ended the retreat confident in the direction of my life more than ever.”

Alex Lopez - Education Professional  

Right now is a golden opportunity to change the direction in your life 

We're in a whole new world that's changing daily, with new pressures and problems to solve. It takes a balanced and steady self to deal with these challenges.

My online retreat starts Monday 18 May and finishes Monday 15 June. There are three packages to choose from, all at special Covid-19 reduced prices.

It's my promise to you that through my online retreat you will get the tools you need to cope with your daily stress and worries, solve problems more effectively, build resilience and find purpose and joy in your life right now. 

Find out more and sign up today  

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