How to Unlock the Power of Manifestation to Create a Life You Love

Do you feel your life could be headed in a better direction? Are you wondering what steps you can take to make something happen and take control of your future? 

The power of manifestation can work wonders for anyone wanting to create lasting, meaningful change in their lives.  As empowering as manifesting is, it can be difficult to understand if no one has previously guided you on how the process works. 

If you’ve spent days, months, or even years trying to manifest your dreams and find yourself missing the mark, then it's time to turn things around with the power of manifestation. 

Manifestation allows us to access our innermost creativity and wisdom so that we can bring about amazing changes in our lives. 

Whether it's manifesting more money, having the relationship of your dreams, traveling around the world, or having more energy to keep up with your grandkids, when you learn how to correctly harness the energy of manifestation, anything is...

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The Neuroscience Behind Manifestation: how your brain can help you attract what you want in life

gratitude manifesting Jun 23, 2023

Honestly, I've used manifesting as a tool to get what I want and it totally works. Though let's face it, it does sound a bit woo-woo, and skeptics might say there's no evidence to back it up.

Well, think again…the neuroscientists are studying what happens when the brain manifests. This might surprise you. 

What Manifestation is

Manifestation is the process of bringing something into your life you desire, whether it be a new job, a relationship, or just an overall feeling of well-being. It can be an incredibly powerful tool to get what you want in life. 

To truly master the art of manifestation, we must first understand what happens in our brains when we manifest. Let's explore the psychology behind manifestation and how different parts of your brain interact while manifesting. 

At its core, manifestation is about creating a positive shift in the way you think and feel. It’s about shifting your focus away from what you don’t have or want and focusing...

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