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A small, intimate coaching group for women who want to let go of self-doubt, tame their inner critics, and realize their full potential.

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Together, we will embark on a journey to overcome self-doubt and build unshakable self-trust and confidence.  

Now's the time to unveil your unique, authentic identity while practicing compassionate self-care.

Overcome Self-Doubt

Learn proven techniques and strategies to challenge limiting beliefs, transform your inner critic into an ally, and reclaim your power to achieve your goals.

Build Self-Trust and Confidence

Strengthen your emotional intelligence and intuition, embrace vulnerability as a source of strength, and establish a solid foundation of self-trust to fuel your personal and professional growth.

Discover Your Authentic Identity

Delve into self-reflection exercises and guided discussions that promote self-awareness, foster self-expression, and uncover your true values and aspirations.

By cultivating a nurturing and empowering environment, our coaching group will propel you towards a life that aligns with your highest sense of self, ultimately leading you to manifest your desired outcomes and experience greater overall fulfillment.

Join us today, and journey towards a more authentic, confident, and empowered version of yourself.

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Message from Jo


For years, I struggled with putting everyone else first. I didn't make time for myself and when someone once asked me what I did for self-care, I looked blankly at them and couldn't think of a single answer.

Thankfully, things changed for me when I started coaching other women in my retreats, workshops, and in my 1:1 work with busy women over the last thirty years.

With my guidance and support, the women I work with learn how to step into their power, focus on what they want, become their best selves, and live their best lives. Self-care is a key aspect of that.

Through my work, I learned how to create self-care plans that actually worked for me. Today, I want to help you to do the same.

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"When women rise together, the world is transformed."