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live your best life Feb 10, 2019

Greetings from Port Vila, Vanuatu

Most people have never heard of this tropical island in the South Pacific. Vanuatu is an archipelago of about 82 small islands near the Fiji islands.


I came here to live over 30 years ago when my sons were 3 years old and 6 months. I was excited but nervous to bring little ones here, especially sight unseen. But I trusted my instincts that we would be safe and we were. And for 5 years I was able to call this place my home.

It was one of the best and happiest times of my life.

Now I find myself here again, watching my 3 grandchildren grow up.

In this photo, you can see I am surrounded by my little grandchildren and my beautiful daughter-in-law, Stephanie. 

The little boy who was 3 (Andrew) has come back to live here where he has created a shipping business with tugboats and barges for inter-island business.

Here are my sons in 1988.  Andrew was 5 and Rob was 3. 

The point of this story is that you never know how life will unfold. I could say so many things about how my marriage broke apart while I was here, how life was challenging at times and how we weathered a major cyclone. I could talk about how we had very little money while we tried to make our way and I learned the importance of doing without and just using the resources we did have. 

And then I think about how free my children were back then, how they were allowed to run wild on beaches, building fires and doing what children do...exploring and being in wonderment about life.

I think about how letting go of my fears and just being in such a beautiful paradise place would shape my children and make them strong and independent.

 Was I lucky? Absolutely. Am I lucky now? For sure.

So not everyone gets to live on a tropical island. I know. 

I am so grateful to have had this experience and to be able to return. 

I want to teach my grandchildren about the importance of being grateful for this experience, this life.

I want to teach them to be respectful of the land and of other people who live here. I want them to realize that they are privileged and that everyone is not so lucky so we must give back and treasure every single moment.

What will you regret if you don't live your best life? 

What is the experience that you would really love to have before you die?  

I want you to know that if by chance your life is not going in the direction you want, that if it's not turning out the way you planned, I CAN HELP YOU live your best life. 

Here’s something you can think about now: 

 What do I want more of in my life?  Less of? 

Here’s to your best life,


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