How to go shopping in your own home this Christmas

Last night I was on a call with a circle of Green women. We're a group of mothers, grandmothers, and women from all parts of the country who care about the planet, the climate crisis, and everything that links to it.

Our conversations are powerful threads of information, inspiration, and concern for our shared experience of living on the planet during these challenging times.

On our call, we discussed the holidays and how to view them in a different way, rather than the constant rushing around and the overconsumption that we can easily fall into.

Our leader, Helene Van Manen, leads this group and has 3 monthly calls that are completely free. I hope this resonates with you and if it does, please join us. The link is here. It's powerful to be in a group like this and a golden opportunity for you to share your ideas and to be inspired.

I think you probably care a lot about the earth and the climate crisis. Maybe, if you’re like me, you sometimes don’t know what to do or how to help.

Being aware of how much you consume is a start.

My favorite tip is from my friend and fellow green leader, Diane Mueller. She says when she wants to give a gift, she goes shopping in her own home first. She finds something she already has that the person she knows would love and gives that.

I challenge you to look around and see if you can shop in your house, too.

It’s an easy thing to do and can be a gentle way to lessen our impact, and not drain the earth's resources. Books, jewelry, photos, picture frames, coffee mugs, beloved cookbooks…use your imagination. I challenge you to try it!

If you want more ideas on how to give gifts and make Christmas more meaningful while saving the planet, I’ve listed some resources here from my blog posts.

​The Holidays aren't about the Big Presents​

​Have the Christmas you'll always remember

And here’s even more:

Listen to a conversation on the Green Women’s Podcast by my dear friend and Green woman, Reggie Weber, and her interview with Helene Van Manen for even more ideas.

Over to you:

What is one small thing you can do this holiday season to be more green?

Start shopping today at home. 

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