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How to do morning pages as part of your morning rituals

self-care Apr 29, 2022

Writing morning pages is a simple practice that can be an added benefit to not only your morning routine but your day as well.

Julia Cameron, author, and artist, wrote a book called The Artist Way back in 1992. In it, she encourages the reader to write morning pages... three pages of free-flowing thought by longhand. 

You are probably thinking, isn’t that journaling? Yes, yes, it is. However, morning pages are done first thing in the morning, and without any premeditation as to what will be written. Mrs. Cameron suggests that we write 3 pages without stopping. 

Benefits of doing morning pages 

I wrote morning pages without fail for two years straight. And it was a beautiful, insightful ritual that allowed me to start my day and delve deeper into my thoughts and desires as I navigated a huge transition period in my life. 

The benefits of this practice are vast. The process will allow you to clear the revolving ideas from your mind, open up to new ways of thinking, and help lessen anxiety or negative thought patterns your mind naturally gravitates towards. 

The act of writing down in longhand what is floating in your mind allows you to engage with your own thoughts and surroundings in a way that typing does not allow. 

What I found in my own morning pages is that you are slowing down and can, therefore, take more notice of your thoughts, feelings, and surroundings.

How to incorporate morning pages into your morning routine

You will first need your preferred writing utensil. This can be a pen or pencil, as well as a notebook or blank, loose paper. 

The next and final step is placing yourself with those items as soon as possible after waking up in the morning. You can do your morning pages from your bed or kitchen counter, with tea or coffee. Or outside, watching the sunrise. 

At first, it may seem challenging to sit and write three pages longhand. Your hand may cramp, you may not know what to write, and three pages could seem like an eternity. The point is to stick with the process. If day one, you only write half a page, be sure to not take a defeatist standpoint. Come back the next morning and try again.

Invite a friend to write with you. Recently while on a camping trip, my friend Helene Van Manen and I decided to write together. It not only keeps you on track but it's fun to write with someone else. 

Just write freely in your morning pages

Remember that no one is going to read what you write. You’re not even going to necessarily read it. 

Your words do not need to be profound, thought-provoking, or even grammatically correct. You just have to write. Any thoughts, feelings, or dreams that come to mind go onto the paper. You can even throw away your pages every morning when you’re done.

Morning pages can seem incredibly daunting, but do not let that stop you from exploring the benefits for yourself.

Over to you:

I challenge you to try this process for a week and notice what happens. 

Ask yourself these questions as you write:  What do I want more of? What do I want less of? 

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