Say Goodbye to Your Saboteurs Forever

I’ve decided to come clean and tell you the truth:  I’m going to write you every week. Whoa. I cringe because I’ve said this before. But this time I really mean it.

When have you promised yourself (or someone else) that you’d do something? And then - it happens. You stop doing something you meant to do. And usually it goes like this: you miss a week. A week turns into 2 weeks and then 2 becomes a month, and then the next thing, it’s not happening.  AT ALL. Please tell me you’ve done this, too.

The thing is, I KNOW what happens for me. It’s called a big fat, mean saboteur, who sits on my shoulder.

I hear him breathing in disgust, reading what I’ve just written. “So, Jo ... when did you get so bold that you're telling people you’re going to write them every week? Really?” (I can imagine him rolling his eyes). “How long will it last THIS TIME? You can’t even think of what to write about." he snickers. He drives me nuts. And he’s really loud.

Do you have one of those critical voices in your head shouting or whining, “Hey… you’re not good enough, you’re gonna screw up, so why even try?” Do you?

Well, if you do, I have a solution. I vote for us sending our saboteurs off together. They can go on a vacation to Antarctica or Croatia, wherever they want. Let’s pack them up and let them go together, okay?

These are the ones I'm packing up and I’ll happily pay for a one-way ticket to send these turkeys away forever: Miss Perfection, Mr. Comparison, Ms. Low Self Esteem, And Mrs. You Don’t Know What You’re Talking About. I’d love to wave goodbye to them, wouldn’t you? Which of yours would go on the flight with mine? You know, they’d all get along because they’re in the business of shutting us down, protecting us from embarrassment and they're really good at being snarky. 

How much do you think it would cost to send them away? Hmmmm. Let’s see. I think the airfare wouldn't be too much and as for hotels, meals, we could chip in together. The cost would probably involve letting go. Like, here’s what I mean:

  1. Letting go of the idea that you’re not fully 100% okay.
  2. Letting go of the perfection, that everything has to be a certain way, and if it’s not just right, It’s No Good would definitely pay for some of this.
  3. For me, I’d have to let go of having to correct repeatedly before I push the send button (Ms. Perfection is at work here).
  4. I’d have to let go of second guessing myself.

Who’s ready to pack these annoying creeps up and send them away?  

Which ones would you pack up and say goodbye to forever?  Bon voyage, Saboteurs! Have a delightful trip. And don’t come back.

Here's what to do next...

  1. Take 5 minutes to identify your saboteurs. Give them a name and let them know they’re going on a trip with my saboteurs.
  2. Let me know which saboteurs drive you the craziest and which ones are going on the trip with mine. You can post below in the comment section or DM me on Instagram or Facebook. I’d love to know which saboteurs will be on that flight together.
  3. Oh, and write me back if you’re interested in the next release of Ageless Wisdom and Passion Retreat. Because we blast saboteurs apart in this retreat. They are so not allowed!

Here’s to you,


P.S. here I am kissing my Mr. Second Guess Yourself goodbye. 🙋‍♀️



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