8 Reasons Why You Need To Journal Now In This Pandemic

“Who writes journals? Women who live deeply and reflectively, who regard lives as modern mythic quests and spiritual journeys, women who want to find their own voices and write their own lives.”

Marlene Schiwy, A Voice of Her Own

Journaling isn't like keeping a diary

Many people think that a journal is a diary. This is what I thought many years ago.

But a journal is so much more than keeping track of your daily events.

A journal is a conversation with yourself… your true self.  

Journaling is a time to focus on what you love, what you hate, what you fear, what you long for.

It’s a way of knowing yourself on a deep level.

An answer to feeling unstructured and directionless

With everything that’s happening in this unpredictable and scary world, now is the best time to keep a journal to help you deal with your emotions and thoughts.

For many, you are on a sort of ‘pause’ with many activities cancelled or on hiatus during the quarantine.

What better way to use this extra time journaling and bring calm back into your life?

For as long as I can remember, my journals have been like my best friends.

They’ve helped me in dark times to pull myself together. They’ve been my go-to places for capturing the precious moments of my life.

My journals have helped me figure out what my next steps are.

Writing in my journals has put me in touch with my highest self, that part that just knows what I need and want.

8 ways journaling will help you right now

#1 Let go of feeling directionless

On days when you are feeling lost, writing in your journal as part of a morning routine will help set you up for your day and motivate you.

Write out these statements and answer them for yourself:

My goals for today are _                __

Today I am grateful for___               

Today I light a candle for___                              

#2 Deal with your worries and anxiety

Studies have shown that when you write and acknowledge how you actually feel, you can start to let go of those feelings.

You can use your journal to confront fears you have right now related to the pandemic.

Maybe it's about your family’s health, or money, or your or someone else's career, or maybe it's about the state of the world right now and the unknown we find ourselves in.

You can simply start by answering this question:

What are the things I'm worried about today?

There's no right or wrong, just write down what comes to you. 

#3 Manage your disappointment and frustration 

Maybe you’ve had to delay projects, trips, or special events, or maybe you’re angry that you’re not getting what you want right now.

Write out this statement in your journal and fill in the gap:

The negative things that have happened to me during this quarantine are __             

Be honest so that you can start to overcome these feelings. 

#4 Get really clear on what matters the most

Getting really clear on what matters to you as a first step, will mean you can then find ways to have more of that in your life.

What do I long for now?

Answering this question in your journal will help you get in touch with the things that are most important to you.

#5 Have more intention and purpose in your life

Write these sentences in your journal and answer them: 

My values are__                _

My highest dream is __                      

The legacy I want to leave [the world, my grandchildren, something else] is __                 

Having a sense of intention is important for our future and when our lives resume to a ‘new normal’ post Covid-19.

Going back to your purpose will help you stay centered and adapt to change. 

#6 Improve your relationship with your significant other

Use your journal to become clearer about your needs and wants with your relationship and iron out any issues. 

Write these sentences out in your journal and answer them: 

My relationship right now is __                  _

The kind of relationship I’d like to be in is __                  _

What I want my spouse to know about me is_                      __

#7 Solve problems more easily

Another effect of journaling is that you start to trust your inner wisdom and intuition. 

This means you'll find problem-solving easier and less stressful.  

#8 Be ready and able to support others

You'll find that you become calmer and more patient having spent more time with yourself. 

If you are a primary caregiver, have responsibility in your life with work or friends, there will most likely be extra pressure on you right now. 

You want to be able to treat the people who need you with kindness and patience.

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