Winter Solstice - How to Love the Longest Night of the Year

As the winter solstice approaches here in the Northern Hemisphere, let us take time to be still and focus on our inner being on this longest night of 2022,

This is a time to reflect on all that has happened in this past year and gain clarity for what lies ahead of us. 

Imagine for a few minutes letting go of the busyness of the holidays and being in listening mode rather than doing mode.

Listen to Mother Earth and what she says. Listen to your heart and what it says.

The darkness can be a time of deep reflection and pause 

Nature shows us her own form of rest as leaves fall away from trees so they can conserve energy during this season with little light or warmth. 

Though it may seem like we're losing the light right now, winter brings an invitation not only to observe but also receive, allowing ourselves moments where no plans need be made nor expectations fulfilled. 

EVEN THOUGH the holidays are here, we must remember how important resting is so we can rise again revitalized when spring comes.

It’s especially important to take a pause now in these turbulent times, even though it may seem counterintuitive. With the climate crisis, we must listen to the earth and to ourselves.

As a grandmother, I feel strongly about my grandchildren being aware of nature and how everything is connected. 

My grans making our altar for the winter solstice

That’s why this year I’ll once again spend this with two of my grandchildren who loved celebrating the winter solstice with me last year. 

We’ll search for pine cones to make bird feeders with peanut butter and bird seeds. We’ll make wassail with apple cider, oranges, lemons, and star anise as we did last year. 

And we’ll talk about what the winter solstice means. 

You don't have to do anything elaborate to acknowledge the winter solstice. You can be aware and actually love this longest night of 2022 by lighting a candle at sunset or when you wake up. I hope you can go for a walk and hear the leaves crunch under your feet. Or hear a bird quietly rustling in the trees. 

 Things to do on the winter solstice

  1. When the sun drops down into the longest night of the year and darkness comes turn off the lights. Have candles nearby. One by one light the candles. Think about what you’re grateful for and say it out loud as you light the candle. Or say what you're letting go of on this longest night. The light will return…in ourselves, in the world, and in this time that's necessary for healing and restoration. 
  1. Make a yule altar. Fill the altar with winter symbols like pinecones, evergreen boughs, and wreaths.
  2. Leave seeds outside for the birds.
  3. Make a wassail and sip on it while watching the sunset. 
  4. Go for a walk and just listen 
  5. Take out your journal and write about what it’s like to be still 
  6. Say thank you to Mother Earth.

Their favorite part: lighting the candles

I invite you to find your own way to celebrate, take a break from life, turn inward, and embrace the darkness. I hope you rest and reset so that you're ready to be more creative, adaptable, and mindful about what's important and how you want to show up in the world now. 

 Over to you

What will you do this winter solstice for yourself? 

Post in the comments...I'd love to know what you do to celebrate.


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