What’s Their Secret? Two People Who Are Doing This Pandemic Well

Are you one of those people who have stayed upbeat and resilient during this unprecedented time in history?

I live in a place that’s easy to be in quarantine. It’s easy to get organic veggies because I live surrounded by farms.

It’s safe in my house, I can order groceries online. I can go for a walk, I have a garden.

I am privileged.

And yet, on some days I’m fighting the urge to scream because I can’t really go anywhere. Or hug my grandchildren. Or I get bored with being home. 

These are champagne problems.

Two people I know are positive and upbeat despite living in very tough circumstances.

Theirs are not champagne problems.

One of them is my eldest son, Andrew

 Right now Andrew is stuck on a tiny, nearly deserted island about halfway between Hawaii and Australia. 

Andrew’s shipping business is located in Vanuatu, another island nation in the South Pacific.

His business involves moving construction materials and heavy machinery...

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