Finding Light in the Longest Night: A Winter Solstice Reflection

As the winter solstice unfolds its quiet magic today, I find myself reflecting on the significance of this day. It's a gentle reminder to pause before we dive headlong into the hustle and bustle of Christmas.

On this serene solstice morning, I'm reaching out to you with an invitation—to join me in taking a moment to simply be.

I understand the pull to rush around, ticking off tasks for Christmas preparations—shopping, baking, gift wrapping—all vying for our attention. Yet, today is not about succumbing to that pressure; rather, it's an opportunity to resist the urge to hurry.

You might be thinking

"Darkness isn't my favorite time of the year, and Christmas is always challenging." It's true, this season can be difficult, filled with loss and grief. The darkness outside often mirrors the struggles within, making it harder to find motivation and to rise above sadness and depression.

However, even in the heart of this darkness, there lies a purpose—a chance to embrace rather than resist.

The world is engulfed in shadows, with news of atrocities and deep suffering in places like Gaza. It's easy to feel helpless despair juxtaposed with guilt for the comfort we have in our own lives.

The truth is the level of suffering in the world affects us all, whether we consciously acknowledge it or not.

The light always returns

Yet, amidst this darkness, I hold onto a simple truth: the light always returns. Nature, in her wisdom, demonstrates this cycle daily. Trees, in their quiet rest, delve deep into the earth and darkness, only to emerge in spring adorned with buds and blossoms.

I believe we must find ways to shine our light where we can—whether through small acts of kindness, reaching out to those in need, or sharing awareness about the world's struggles so that we don't forget those struggling to survive amidst great suffering. 

Perhaps it's about cultivating gratitude and focusing on what is going right in our lives.

I don't claim to have answers or profound wisdom about the world's darkness, but I know we can choose to be caring, grateful, and authentic.

So, on this shortest day and longest night of the year, may we all find a moment to be at peace—within ourselves and in the world.

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Over to you: 

How do you celebrate the winter solstice? 

Choose to pause your life for a minute, an hour, or a day to reflect on what the solstice means to you. Take your journal sit with a cup of tea and just be. 


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