Lies We Tell Ourselves About Letting Go Of Things

There are so many reasons why we don’t let go of our stuff. 

You know what I’m talking about…The things in our closets and drawers and our homes that don’t bring us joy, the things we don’t use, and the things that we’ve totally forgotten about. 

The THINGS that are clogging up and draining our energy. 

Here are just some of the lies we say to avoid clearing our clutter and letting go of it. 

  1. I’ll sell it later and make some money
  2. I paid so much for it, I can’t let it go
  3. I might need it someday
  4. I’ll start decluttering next weekend
  5. That was a gift so I have to keep it (even though I don’t really like it). 
  6. Clutter doesn’t affect me that much 

I’ll sell it later & make some money

We keep things aside to sell on sites like eBay, Craigslist, or Amazon Marketplace but then the stuff just sits around in our homes for weeks or months because of the time and effort required to list things for sale. And then we may even have to mail it to someone. It's all time-consuming and a hassle. 

Your time is priceless. Money can be replaced but your time can't. When it comes to decluttering, don't spend hours trying to sell a pair of shoes or a dress online for $10 - your time is worth more than that. ⁠

Instead, donate it and spend your time on more important things with people who are important to you or give yourself the gift of time.

I paid so much for it, I can’t let it go

Sometimes we hold onto things because we spent a fortune on something that we thought would bring us happiness. And perhaps it did but now we don't love it or use it. In fact, we may have just put it in a cupboard or a closet and left it there with the tags still on it. 

Why do this when we still don't use it? It could be because we feel guilty that we spent that much money and now we don't want it. Or we think, that if we keep it we will use it one day and it won't be a wasted purchase. 

Remember: The money you spent on this item is long gone, whether you keep it hidden away in the closet or not. Donate and pay forward the kindness 😊🤍

I might need it someday

This is one that personally trips me up every time. 

Yes, true, you might need it but will you be able to find it when you need it?  Something that you only use once a year or a decade can become outdated or lost in the drawer that’s overflowing. In the meantime, it's taking up space and annoying you in the process. 

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I’ll start decluttering next weekend

Is this you? If it is and you’re honest with yourself, you recognize that this is the avoidance tactic. It tries to appease the voice inside you that says, "we need to clean this stuff up and get rid of it." 

But it quickly becomes overwhelming and the other voice takes over and says, this is our weekend to play! We’re not going to spend time decluttering…we’re supposed to be resting.  And then you put it off for another day.

I don’t have time to declutter 

I get it. Who has time to stop and declutter? So we put it off because “it will take me hours." 

Why not do a little bit every day? Like 10 minutes which adds up to many hours/year. 

Putting things back where they belong is one of the best ways to avoid clutter. ⁠If you spend just 10 minutes every evening putting things back in their place, clutter is less likely to build up. ⁠Just 10 minutes!

I don’t know where to start

When you don’t clear out regularly stuff can easily pile up. More and more clothes are in the closet, shoes, bags, etc, and then it becomes a mammoth task that you don't want to deal with.

That’s why I recommend 10 minutes a day of decluttering. It can save you from having to be overwhelmed and not knowing where to start. 

That was a gift so I have to keep it

....even though I don’t really like it. How do we choose what we keep or let go of when it's sentimental?

We often feel guilty if we're getting rid of something from someone we love. Sometimes the person doesn’t even remember they gave that thing to you.

Once my mother gave me back an antique plate I bought for her on my travels and she asked me if I wanted it back after having it for a few years. I loved that plate and was delighted to have it as a reminder of my travels. Whatever you do, don’t hold onto something out of obligation. Let it go and remember the person who gave it to you.

Clutter doesn’t affect me that much

Trust me, it does. Sometimes we're unaware of how much clutter drags us down. It negatively affects our mental and emotional health, our energy levels, our time. 

For each thing that you possess, there is an invisible energy that ties you to it, whether you realize it or not. We also have mental and emotional clutter that keeps us from being and having what we want in life. 

To attract what you want in life, you have to create space for it by letting go of the things that no longer serve you. 

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Over to you: 

What lies do you tell yourself? Which ones do you want to change into more empowering thoughts that will let you release the clutter...whatever it is in your life? 

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