The Real Secret To Living Your Best Life

The answer to your best life might be surprising.

We all know it's not about having gobs of money, although having your basic needs met is crucial. 

Yet in this world where people are stressed, anxious, and not happy in jobs that are way too stressful and demanding, it's time to do what we can do and take ultra good care of ourselves. This is what makes an ordinary life the best life.

The secret is that you must love, believe, & nurture yourself

We live in a world where we don't know what will happen with the pandemic or the climate crisis. It's a crazy time in history and by many predictions, it will get worse.'s the deal. 

There are way too many things out of our control. 

But we do have control over what we say to ourselves.

We can choose to start loving ourselves so that we can be resilient and contribute to helping figure out how to help in our own unique way. 

When we let go of how we think life has to be and really believe in ourselves we have freedom. 

What if you really did create the kind of life you love vs spending all the time trying to escape from it? What if? 

You see, to me, the answer lies within. 

If we don't really know who we are or what we want, there's a problem. 

Then if we're not honoring the desires we have, that's a problem, too. 

And then if we feel hopeless that we won't ever have the life we want...that's disappointing at best, devasting at worst. 

I invite you to think about what you can change.

There are lots of things we think we can't change that we actually can. One of those things is how we treat ourselves. 

Which leads to your self-care. 

We all know that tomorrow is not promised. 

So what you are waiting for? 

Loving who you are is essential. Here's a post that can help you see the importance of self-love.

Loving yourself and self-care are two sides of the same coin.  

If you're reading this, you may think, I already know all about the importance of self-care. Are you making sure you take care of yourself, even when you're stressed when you're overwhelmed by too much of everything? Do you have a plan to get back on track? 

Ways that you can practice self-love and self-care 

Here are some ideas about what self-love and self-care can look like:

  1. Making sure you get lots of sleep
  2. Drinking water & being hydrated
  3. Doing something every day for fun
  4. Speaking up for yourself
  5. Knowing what brings you joy
  6. Listening to yourself on a deep level...what you need and honoring that wish
  7. Trusting your wisdom and your judgment
  8. Celebrating yourself every day for who you are
  9. Gratitude. Being thankful every day for what you have
  10. Being more and doing less
  11. Taking a break from social media
  12. Not worrying about money
  13. Not overworking
  14. Doing more of what makes you happy
  15. Changing the way you think about yourself & the world
  16. Taking a walk, hike, biking...anything in nature

What you can do now

Choose 1-3 of the 16 ideas above and incorporate them into your life, starting today. 

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